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No person can have more than one sole or main residence.

There is a one month grace period – so all 2013 charges paid after 30th June 2013 will attract a late payment fee of €20 a month.

Latest info on NPPR in 2014 Here See the latest information on NPPR and Penalty Charges Here (July 2014) The “NPPR” charge was aimed at property that anyone owns in Ireland that is not used by them as their principal residence.

So – if you owned a property in Ireland on 31st March 2013 and it was not your main residence you will be liable for the NPPR charge.( Non principal private residences).

You will also be liable for the Irish Property Tax from July 1st 2013 .

Property Owners had to Property owners could also register and pay at your local council offices using an NPPR registration form.

The payment types accepted wil be credit card, debit card, bank draft, postal order and cheque.

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Property owners were supposed to pay the NPPR charge for 2013 on or before the 30th June 2013 to avoid late payment fees.

Although it is sometimes referred to as a “second home ” tax – or “holiday home tax”it does not matter if you only owned the one property .

Over the counter payments incurred a €10 fee from Jan 2012 Late Payment Fees : Landlords Note: Information from Revenue Dept is that the €200 charge is not an allowable expense for calculating rental income.