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Adult mobile hookup chat lines

After dinner we all hung out in the kitchen talking and eating Dad's homemade lemon ice cream with ginger, just like old times.

I mean, he looked all normal, like he hadn't spent the whole day staring at his fantasies come to life and wishing he could fuck them silly. I tried very hard not to stare at him leaning against the counter, laughing and spooning ice cream into his mouth.

I was definitely feeling a little fluttery between my legs.

I guess I had assumed that it was an elementary school, and I didn't quite appreciate the little tingly feeling pussy sent me when I realized that Evan would have high school girls in his classes. High school girls wearing tall socks, shiny Mary Jane shoes and pink and gray plaid ties with matching gray plaid skirts. And my brother, who had always wanted to fuck a girl wearing a plaid skirt, was their teacher. I never suspected for even a moment that Evan had designs on those girls.