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Sometimes there's a specific theme to the event and often these are designed for a specific age ranges thus increasing the chance that people have something in common.

STAGGERIN SAUSAGE FEST……………..99 You won’t find this sausage hanging out with the cocktail weiners.

Arguing for various aspects of the conspiracy theory were Bill Kaysing, described as an engineer and analyst for Rocketdyne, Brian O'Leary, a "NASA astronaut in the 1960's", Paul Lazarus, a producer, Ralph Rene, "Author/Scientist", Bart Sibrel, "Investigative Journalist", Jan Lundberg, described as a technician for Hasselblad, Donald Percey of the "Royal Photographic Society" and Howard Mc Curdy, "space historian at American University." Counterarguments were supplied by former NASA spokesman Julian Scheer and Paul Field, NASA LEM specialist.

And there was a set of similar photos taken by students of Potomac School, Virginia, and Australian stargazer Anthony Wesley's sighting of an asteroid colliding with Jupiter (an event missed by Nasa's dedicated telescopes).

STAGger IN prides itself in offering a lot of food at a fair price.

Some of the claims made in the program are discussed below, followed by a few topics not addressed in the program.

This one wasn't, in fact, a child of 2010 but of some 300 million years ago.

MISSISSIPPI PHILLY NACHOS………...99 Todd came in all confused trying to decide between the nachos or the Philly.