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Dating direct online service matchmaking

This publication provides an overview of the key topics that you need to be aware of when buying and owning a condominium.

Download our report to learn about the biggest challenges and how savvy IT executives are overcoming them.

The Internet Sales Contract Regulation applies to residents of Alberta or to people purchasing goods or services from Alberta businesses that sell online.

Only goods or services that are bought or sold for personal, family or household use and have a value of more than $50 are affected by this regulation.

This publication outlines how to keep you and your online activities out of harm’s way.

Internet Shopping (pdf) Shopping on the Internet is different from shopping at your local mall.

Hiring a Home Inspector (pdf) Before buying, you should know what condition the home is in and what repairs might be needed.

Hiring a qualified home inspector to examine a home can help you to make an informed decision about its condition.

Electricity and Natural Gas Contracts (pdf)In Alberta, you have options for how you buy natural gas and electricity for your home, farm or small business.