Start Dating getting dumped

Dating getting dumped

They haven’t even met you in person to reject you in all your 3D finery.

The “practical” dump You can overcome the first hurdle of meeting in person, like each other enough to arrange a few more dates and yet still not make it to relationship land.

It could be a case of the “practical dump.” Distance, conflicting beliefs/politics/ lifestyle can knock a relationship on the head before it gets past the 2 month mark, despite genuinely liking each other.

This is possibly the main reason why dumps that occur online trump the number of dumps that occur offline. And then, with the fullness of time, an innocuous newbie in your social circle is revealed to be armed with the same charm and joy giving powers of a small pup?

Minimize disappointment with a pre date phone call. Meet at work and you have the opportunity to check each other out in terms of eye candy and suitability while pretending to not being do that at all. Online dating requires a person to be assessed in a single meeting, hence the petri dish for dumps.

When online dating you have to meet on a “date” – a heady meeting with the sole purpose to view each other under the harsh strip light of romantic intention. Stage fright dating can be scarey and you or your date might not be able to give your best “show.” Alas, dating “curtains.” I don’t want to put you off online dating.

I want to put you off feeling bad if you find a few dumps come your way.

Maybe they are still in shock from a difficult break. Class clash – not always, but people look for matches from the same worlds.