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Fishnet dating site

The collection includes specimens from 13 different U. LSU Fish Collection Joins Network The Louisiana State University (LSU) fish collection is part of the LSU Museum of Natural Science which is one of the largest and most active natural history museums in the country.

Digitization of 5500 lots of mostly non-Oregonian material from the historic card catalog is underway, and these lots will become available on Fish Net2 in the coming months.

The earliest specimen dates to 1905, with collection beginning in earnest around 1940 and continuing to the present day.

There are nearly 240,000 cataloged lots (jars) containing roughly 1.5 million specimens of 509 families and nearly 12,000 species.

With 1,936 primary types and 5,848 secondary types, the CAS collection is also one of the largest repositories of types in the world.

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