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Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally reached the boozy, oaky, barrel-aged conclusion.

AMITIZA is a prescription medicine approved by the FDA to treat adults with IBS-C and Chronic Idiopathic Constipation in women 18 years of age and older. access may be available under a special FDA emergency program.

ZELNORM is no longer approved for IBS-C or chronic constipation. More information on this protocol can be found here.

There is research evidence that IBS symptoms respond favorably to other therapeutic approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and hypnotherapy.

As IBS is a chronic condition, with an ongoing fluctuating course, these treatments may help the individual to develop skills for managing the condition over the long haul.

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Entera Gam is a prescription medical food product indicated for the clinical dietary management of intestinal disorders including loose or frequent stools.

It is a powder that can be: - easily dissolved in water or other liquids, including fruit-flavored drinks, sports drinks or energy drinks - mixed in yogurt, pudding or other soft foods that do not have a strong acidic content.

This forum is for the discussion of FMT, its use and effectiveness, in the treatment of digestive disorders.

There is no single plan for treating irritable bowel syndrome. With your physician's help, you can find an individual approach that works best for your symptoms.

RESOTRAN is approved for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation in women in Canada.