Start Ne yo who is he dating

Ne yo who is he dating

The R&B star tells a personal story on his sixth album and even includes the stories of his fans, whom he asked to contribute via Instagram and Twitter. When Ne-Yo recently stopped by MTV, we wanted to clear up some rumors in a little game we called "Non-Fiction or Fiction." Check out the video and take a look at some of the myths he dispels in the list below! It was two people that are friends who went to the movies once or twice." Non-Fiction: Yes, it's true!

When Mindy confronted Jody in his office, he reminded Dr.

L that she's not always aware of her boundaries."All I'm hearing is you overstepping your boundaries as you always do," Jody said.

The best Chinese, the best vodka, the best bookstore — yes, Marcus made her leave the house to order books. And, if you're wondering who was watching baby Leo during Mindy and Marcus' quests for the best, Mindy Kaling had your answer in 140 characters or less.4.

Her desired theme for Leo's birthday party Oh, to see this Pinterest board.

Also, Jamie Foxx was asked about his rumored relationship with Katie Holmes and his denial wasn’t that convincing. Getting away from their hectic lives, Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Smith are currently enjoying some coupledom time in Jamaica.

Both the R&B crooner and his wife have shared flicks on their social media accounts letting fans in on their getaway.

“The Platinum Life” is produced by STXtv and Tower 2 Productions with Shanta Conic, Ryan Holcomb, Jason Goldberg, and Kim Mc Koy serving as executive producers.

Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Smith are living it up in Jamaica, while Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are getting cutesy on the ‘gram.

They looked so happy and in love."See More: The Most Iconic Celebrity Brides The beautiful bride looked effortlessly elegant in her wedding dress that featured illusion sleeves of delicate lace embroidery, but she had to be sure to make one teensy bit alteration...

to accommodate for her almost nine months pregnant belly!

"But I remember working with Pharrell and I was trying to find a way to do something that kind of had an EDM feel but was a bit more soulful, so he started playing me tracks that were kind of in the vein of what 'Blurred Lines' became and I initially said it sounded a little too retro.