Start Updating firmware on pap2

Updating firmware on pap2

I've managed to successfully extract the Vo IP server details and account settings from the Sagemcom router Optus gave me and I'm trying to use them on a Sipura Vo IP adapter but I'm unable to achieve successful registration. If so, did you have to do anything special to get it to work?

I've configured the client and my mobile rings on incoming call to the home service and will answer the call, but I'm unable to hear or be heard.

Hi Pete y testing Would you mind guiding me how you get your Asus RT-Ac3200 to work?

Having set up a siphone the hard way in the past I am aware that there may be a setting to always prefix a dialed number with my local prefix 03 unless I dial a different a different one. :) Yes, my installation was like this too because the apartment I was moving into already had the nbnco equipment installed.